Use Custom Fields

PRO version only

When you have installed the PRO version and you want to use Custom fields, you need to set it up. Go to Extensions --> Price List --> Field Groups.

Custom Field Group

First create a Field group

The name you give to the Field group will be shown in the item as a tab and the description will be shown as information.

Custom Field

Now we can create our field

Go to Fields and create new one

Give the field a title and select the Custom Fields type

after saving the field you can't change the type.

You can enter a description, select required and enter a default value if you like.

On the second tab (options) you can setup besides the regular options:

Field Position: Select the position of the custom field. You can select:

  • Before Name Column

  • After Name Column

  • Before Price Column

  • After Price Column

Column Width: Each column need to have a width specified, this can be a value in pixels (px) or percentage (%).

Column Align: Choose the alignment of the text in this column. You can choose Left, Center, Right.

After this steps you can save the custom field.

When you go to your Price List item you see the custom fields in the custom Field tab.

In the frontend your price list can look like this:

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