Price Column options

Heading: Here you can set the name which will be shown in the Heading Bar. You can use something like "Price", but when you have a mulitlingual website you might use a constant like "COM_PRICELIST_PRODUCT_PRICE" and create a language override for each language.

Price Prefix: Shows a text before the price, like a currency symbol (€)

Price Suffix: Shows a text after the price, like "each" or a currency symbol ($)

The price prefix and suffix fields are shown at every item without any exception, when you want to use various texts leave these fields empty and add it to the item manually in the price field.

Font Size: Set the font-size you would like to use for the items. You can set this in pixels, rem or em values.

Font Weight: Set the font-weight you would like to use for the items.

Text Align: Set the alignment of the text in this column.

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