Setup and use the plugin

Task Scheduler allows you, the website owner, to create web-based cron jobs inside Joomla.

You can find the Task Scheduler in the System Dashboard, which is accessed from the main menu in the ‘Manage’ section.

If you open the task Scheduler and select ‘New’, the currently installed task Plugins will be displayed. Select the Check-in Items plugin.

The options available from the Plugin’s new task menu simplify the cron job setup and allow you to select how you’d like the cron job to run. You set the frequency for the cron job to run in the Basic Fields. (In this example below i will run this plugin every hour)

The cron job requires some extra settings in the Task Parameters section. (In this example i use and maximum checkout time of 4 hours) The Max Checkout Time indicates the time an item should be checked out before it checks in automatically. When an item is checked out less than the selected Max Checkout Time this item will be skipped and not checked in.

This option should be used very carefully, especially in multi-user environments. This single action checks in all previously checked out items, whether they were checked out by you or not. Possible undesirable side effects may be that multiple editors end up working on the same document. In this case whoever clicks the save button last has their version saved as the final copy.

In The PRO Version you can select other item-types than Articles you would like to Checkin automatically.

The Advanced tab is where you can choose the priority for the cron job, over other tasks you may want to run. It’s also the place to tell the Plugin how you want to be notified that the cron job ran and was successful, or not.

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