1.5 Custom Quick icons

You can add a link to any page with the Custom Quick Icons option.

Click on the Green + icon to add another icon. Click on the Red - icon to remove the icon. Click and hold the blue arrow-icon on the left to move the icon to another position.

Enter a name and choose an icon. Choose an Menu-item from the list of all installed components.

When you would like to add a link to any other page. Select Custom URL and add a link below.

Enter a Name, Choose an Icon and add Link to create a custom icon.

You can also enter a "Add Link" which will be published as a + icon on the right.

Select a Target (Open in current window or open in new window)

The Icon will only display to users who have access to the component. When it's hidden, check in the component ACL Permissions if the users is allowed to Access Administration Interface

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